Welcome friends. After 2 years of wanting to start this blog and numerous blog posts in my head it is finally a reality. Yup, it’s out there for the world to see. It will change and grow, it’s not perfect, but lets face it if I waited until it was it would never happen. Perfect doesn’t exist. I will never be satisfied with it. Which is ok. It just means we can grow together.


I’ve been told I’m never satisfied. I think I just know there is always room for improvement. I was told once that one of my parents “did” that to me. Yup I can blame Mom for that! My first response was, “I did it to my children too”….. Nothing is good enough for them, they expect to much from them selves and others around them. It’s a curse, it is not directed at others, but more at ourselves. “We” are never good enough for ourselves, we would never ask anyone to do anything we wouldn’t do. Perfectionism, is that even a word?

So no, my home will never be finished, my hair never right, I never will be able to cook that certain dish. But let’s have fun making it up as we go! And remember life isn’t perfect it’s just how we view it.

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