Coffee Cake

So one day I discovered the Gluten Free Goddess site. Well let me tell you, she has got it down! If you have ever ate most gluten-free baked goods they are nasty!

Well maybe it is just me? They are gritty, no chalky?

Perhaps it comes from a pretty high expectations. You see my grandmother was a baker. You might even say a professional pie baker, so being raised with her products means I’m pretty brutal at tasting baked goods.

at any rate I tried this recipe.

It was one of those things you bake to take somewhere, never made it before, so you have no idea if it will turn out or even be edible!

Well it was wonderful at that! I took a generous amount with me after Mr. Nostalgia had already ate 2 big pieces giving it 2 thumbs up between pieces. So this morning I gave it another go altering it to fit what was in my pantry. (Don’t you love it)


So here is this mornings. It is berry. The crumb topping is perfect.

It is blueberry with a few other mixed berries. And walnuts in the topping.


Perfect still warm out of the oven…..


Oh that heavenly bite……



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