A quick Goodwill stop pays off

So I ran an errand today, and got my haircut. It had been a while, I try to keep it shorter now. Not as long as it was in the past. Today it doesn’t touch my shoulders.

On my way I had time to stop at our local Goodwill. Today it was 1/2 price Blue day. I’m not sure where you live if Goodwill changes their colors on what days. I haven’t tracked the color changes to know what the rotation is. Maybe I like the surprise of it when I go in!

It seems I always find a treasure, a brand new muffin tin, a mini whip for milk paint, a piece of something I can use, collect, or pass on to someone. Once in a while I find a piece of furniture to remake. When that happens I am happy. I become even happier when said piece is very reasonable! (Cheap)

Today that happened. My treasure had an Orange tag, not discounted. But it was ok I was happy with what I got. And left with 3 treasures.
I have a new obsession, it is with chairs. More on my chair addiction in another post, anyway here is my haul from today.


This lovely thing with its odor came home with me for a makeover. The price was right! You will see the after shots when it is finished. I can’t decide what to upholsterer it in any ideas? The crushed blue velvet has to go.

These came home too.


Sorry about the hand, but wanted someone to see how many corks were in this bag  it is full, I have a couple of projects lined up to use them with. Plus I will gift some these.

My last purchase was this old liquor bottle. It made me laugh that it said
“Federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle”

Said bottle was 1/2 price.


Who get into trouble for selling it?

So I have a new, or I guess a few more projects to work on, guess it keeps me out of trouble.



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