Non Potato Hashbrowns

So last Sunday I fixed a big breakfast, bacon, eggs and “hash-browns”. I wasn’t thinking about sharing them at that time, but they turned out so good I figured why not?

I had bought 3 large rutabagas at a farmers market. Oh they were big, I wish I would have taken a photo of them. They were the size of large grapefruit. Anyway I trimmed the ends and peeled them, cut them into quarters and ran them through the food processor to grate them.
After each one was shredded I placed them into a large zippered freezer bag. The last one I heated my large cast iron skillet up, added my coconut oil and then my shredded rutabaga. These cook pretty well no snappin or popping like potatoes do.


Love my old cast iron! I turned them a couple of times so they were even browned, and tender. While I was doing all of this my wonderful bacon was on the parchment paper in the over cooking away.

When the hash-brown were just about there, I heated up my egg pan and cooked my eggs.

Everything came together perfect, so I dished it up and added a little chopped cilantro to the top!


Yummy! They have a different flavor than potatoes, in fact that is the great thing they have flavor. I try to follow a Paleo diet, but I’m not strict.

Just looking at this photo, I can’t wait for another morning to have those hash-browns again.



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