Kitchen Updating Turns Remodel part #1

So when I decided to remodel the kitchen, it came about in an odd way. It all happened really by accident, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

It all started with a new washer and dryer. I told Mr nostalgia I thought it was time to update our set of front loaders. We had had them for a while and used them a lot. I just figured it was better to upgrade before we had to.


This is the old set, there is a funny story how we sold them on Craigslist! That will be a later post.

While in Lowes one day I checked out the current brand and models we all ready owed. Check! They look good to me, I would love to venture out and do a color but, white is fine and goes with everything and blends well. Oh yeah we will go will the pedestals too.


Well a few months before Mr. Nostalgia and I had been in Lowes to pick out items for his business remodel and bought ourselves a new microwave. We looked at new refrigerators and of course men being men he picked out the biggest and best that he liked! We didn’t buy one just cruised.


So while I’m there looking at washer’s and dryers, I check out refrigerators, and ranges. The wonderful sales associate answers all my questions while I took photos on my phone to share with Mr. Nostalgia. The sales associate informs me that they will be have a sales event coming up and all the details, writes up my selections and I’m on my way.



Of course when I show Mr. Nostalgia his refrigerator photos well that the one he has to have. So on the sales weekend I head to Lowes to purchase my new appliances, Washer, Dryer, range and the refrigerator. They are all set and delivery is set up.

Here it comes…..the refridgerator is to wide and to tall for the opening. So I tear out the cabinet above the old one, and the little cabinet next to the stove. Now we will have to do some work, but not to bad.


Delivery day!

I have to take a lunch from work to come home while they install the new washer and dryer, range, and refrigerator. Everything goes pretty smooth until the refrigerator.It won’t fit between the pantry door and the kitchen island. They have to remove the French doors and bottom freezer drawer. Thankfully it fit! However you cannot really open the doors and work in the kitchen.


Sorry about this blurry photo, only one I could find of the enormous island!

So the remedy was to hire help and we tore out the island. We hauled in an old cabinet from the garage to sub in while we figured out what to do with the kitchen.


Until part 2



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