Milk Painted Buffet

So it all started with this little buffet.


Sorry about this terrible photo, I can’t find the better “before” one I know I took! Isn’t that how it always goes? I have drug this thing around with me for years. It belongs to my mom. It wasn’t that special to her. She purchased it long after I moved out and had my children. It was refinished and really nothing special. It was however small and the perfect size to put just about anywhere. I even tried to sell it a couple of times over the years I’ve had it, but it never sold and I kept it.

She had her issues many I didn’t realize until I finally decided to give her an update. I wanted to try Milk Paint on her.

So with the help from Sausha at “Sweet Pickins”

 I ordered Light Cream and some Bonding agent. I got distracted, and finally found time to start her.

First I sanded her lightly, nothing dramatic. I filled in a couple of spots that were lacking veneer. As I began working on her I noticed this wasn’t her first face lift. She has had a rough go around before. Her sides have been replaced. Her top has been peeled of old veneer and salvaged what was left. Her bottom lifted, and her door cut off and rehung. She is missing parts of her legs, and I found some interesting holes in her.

I had a plan, she was going to get a nice smooth coat of paint with some slight distressing on the edges. She would keep her salvaged top for now, and some new hardware.


Well I think she wasn’t happy about another facelift. Mixing the paint, bonding and getting it on her was the first part. Then sand and another coat, then another…..she did do a little crack and peel. Some area required more coats than others. It was not the paint, it was HER. She had so many different parts, with what I now know where different finishes. She distressed on her legs more than anywhere else. And her doors showed their remodel as a light color. She was sort of “Frankenstein”.


All in all, she chose what she wanted. When I do my “ugly chairs” I let them tell me what they want. So I finally started to listen to this little girl. Her doors would have some kind of graphics on them. And since she wanted to be chippy, and rough we would let her age show proudly. I searched through “The Graphics Fairy” but couldn’t find anything I really thought was her. I did find some words I liked, so decided to would free hand some words on her doors. Went with the Tea and Coffee theme. Painted it by hand so it is old and primitive, then sanded it and aged it with a mix of 2 colors of stain and wax.


(Here I’ve applied the stain wax mixture to the drawer and the left hand door). Then I sanded her real good before adding, more coats of the wax. I let the wax settle into her crack and holes. Like maybe she was a coffee server at one time and is stained from the years of grounds and drips.


I found some old clear glass knobs in my box of hardware I keep, so those went on her. She now looks like she is ready for service as a Coffee Bar. She has plenty of storage for everything you might need.


She isn’t perfect. And this one lives with me.




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