The Ugly Chair

The ugly chair girl strikes again!


I found her at an Estate Sale.


She was in the back bedroom. In her pinkish melted ice cream colored upholstery.


The front edge was worn down to the wood, and she had a little odor to her.

Not the kind that has you plugging your nose, but it was there. Perhaps she belonged to a lady who smoked.

She sat at the dressing table where she put on her makeup.


She had a dark mahogany wood and was sturdy so for the cheap price of $10 I figured I would give her a whirl.


First off came her clothes, so I could figure out how much fabric and materials I would need to get. Out came her buttons and staples! What is it with a million staples?

Sorry about the lighting and mess in this one, it was at night and I was excited to get a little paint on her.

She he got her jute web tightened, and all sanded down ready for her makeup. I then mixed up some milk paint. This was “Sweet Pickins” Light Cream, and was the first time I have used milk paint since the 90’s? It mixed up easy and I began painting. It dries pretty fast and I did touch it up a little with a second coat. I needed to spray a sealer on the bare wood to block the pink of the mahogany from bleeding through. I followed the next day with a little antique color by using a little Minwax stain, and followed with wax. She is looking good.


The fabric is from Jo-Ann’s it was suiting that was Linen. The paint color was tricky to match.

Now for some new clothes.
Before she had tufting on her seat and back. I just really have never liked tufted seats. They seem like a catch all for all lint, dust, and crumbs. So I beefed up her seat padding to 2″ and kept her back at 1″. This was trimmed with an electric knife I picked up at a different Estate Sale. These gadgets work perfect with cutting foam! I then cut out dime sized holes (in the foam) where the button would go into the fabric and connect to the back. Then starting in the center, and working my way up, down, and side to side until they were all in place.


Then it was pulled around back stapled. Then the padding added.


From this point on I forgot to take any photos? Not sure what happened. (I think I got excited on how she would turn out) But the foam padding was added, stapled and trimmed to fit. Then the poly batting was stretched over the seat and secured with a few staples to hold it in place. the fabric was stretched and stapled, while rotating the chair. The legs were the trickiest part as the fabric is trimmed very close to the staples on the front legs. From here the trim was glued around the back piece, and the curve of the front leg.


A few uphostery tacks were added to her backside like decorations to your Jeans pockets. Just a little extra flash.


She turned out pretty cute, to start out rather ugly. She is small, and the perfect little chair to fit in anywhere.


This photo makes the back and seat look like they are different colors. They are not in real life, she is a very pretty tone of linen. Now I have 3 different ugly chairs waiting for me. I can’t decide if this one goes or stays?




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