A Farm House Sink

So I need to pick out some of the things for the new kitchen. These had to be done so we can build cabinets and get started. I searched and researched. I wanted this kitchen to have that Nostalgic look to it. Kind of like grandmas house but with modern conveniences .

You will remember we started the island already here. It will look like an old general store counter.

It only seemed natural that the sink would be a nice white farmhouse one. I drooled over several photos of kitchens with those sinks. I looked a big box stores, and home improvement stores. I fond the one I wanted. A Kohler 36″ white case enamel sink. It is made right here in the USA. It was so nice I could see piles of veggies, and lots of room to wash cookie sheets and large stock pots.


So here it is! A Kohler Whitehaven apron front 36″ self rimming sink. I ordered it. I think it will be perfect! Look at all that space. I used my bonus from work as this was the “big” splurge for the kitchen. I justified it as something that gets used everyday, more than an appliance really, so why not get what you want.

It arrived by air freight to a major airport more than 4 hours from our house. The shipping was FREE! But would have normally cost more than $150. It arrived by freight company. I was at work, in a meeting and could not meet the driver. He texted me he was at my house with my package. I told him I could not get away and to please put it inside my breezeway, as it would be safe there. He said ok and that was it. I could hardly contain myself until I could get home from work and see it in person!

Boy was I in for a shock! It was in a cardboard box strapped to a pallet! How the delivery guy got it into the breezeway I will never know! Had I known how big and heavy it was I would have told him where the panel to open the garage door was! I feel sorry for him as the thing weighs a ton, well just 143 pounds!


Here she is! I couldn’t believe it, it was huge! I almost could have taken a bath in it!
My cabinet maker came to measure it and look at it. He couldn’t believe how big it was either. I have a vision on how I wanted it to look.


I like how the legs make it look like an old piece of furniture was used for the sink. I discussed this with my cabinet maker and he said I needed to find some posts about 23″ long. We also had to do some reworking as they could not stick out at all into the kitchen since we were so short on room.
The right side of the sink cabinet will go into a corner cabinet, so to have anything protrude will not allow the corner door to work correctly. I need to find some old posts, or buy new ones so he can start on this cabinet as it is the first cabinet to be built and the starting point for all the others.

After our meeting that day I ran a few errands. I decided to stop at a local thrift store to look around and see if they had any posts that might work. As I am walking through I see a bed frame pushed up in the back. I pull a different bed frame away and call my cabinet maker, then shoot these photos and email them to him. I take measurements and he comes right down.


We look the frame over and it is solid maple with four posts. It is a full size, which doesn’t matter to us, but today it’s half price! So for the total of $12.50 I got the whole frame and 4 posts, the headboard and footboard and side rails in Maple.
He immediately goes to work separating the posts from the other pieces then filling the holes. We decide to use the footboard pieces as their finish work is perfect and the feet just finish the bottom up. The main post piece was trimmed down so it sets back.

The top “ball” part was cut off. He sent me these photos from his shop.


Here you can see the leg was trim down to snug up against the cupboard, but the foot part wasn’t so it looks like it is the support on the floor.


This angle shows the sink sitting in the cabinet. It looks like the posts are supporting the sink, but that isn’t the case. It just appears that way. There are supports built inside to support that 143 pound sink plus any weight that might be included when it is full.
I’m exciting to see it is coming along. I have more things to pick out! Still have to choose lights, counters, hardware, faucet, and paint color!

2 thoughts on “A Farm House Sink

  1. We remodeled earlier this year and I wanted a copper farmhouse sink SO much. It wouldn’t fit though. This is my first visit to your blog and I know I’m going to enjoy it. I love rustic and / or re-purposed stuff too.

    • Thanks! Sorry your copper one wouldn’t work 😦 I love the look of the white, but think the metals might be more practical? Maybe I’m just being protective! We did get it to work, but I really should have ordered the smaller size had I realized the problems at the time. There is more to come! Stay tuned…..

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