Baked Potatoes in a Slow Cooker

Baked Potatoes

Yummy! I don’t eat them very often, maybe twice a year? We are taking true Russett potatoes from Idaho.

Who has time to Bake them? Usually by the time you think of it, it will be too long and you need them now for dinner! You have either rushed home from work and need dinner on the table, or haven’t planned for enough time to get them in the oven. And seriously Microwaved potatoes are gross!

I discovered this method years ago, I can’t even remember when or where. Could have been in those little booklets that come with your slow cooker/crock pot? What do you call yours?

It is so easy, you will love this for a treat! It will work for any potato. I love during a big meal to put my potatoes in with water and cook them for mashed potatoes. No more boil over on your stove!

Gather your potatoes, I would recommend larger potatoes especially if you aren’t going to be home, or going to have them in there all day. Wash them good. I use my veggie brush.


Dry them well, I use paper towels as I’m in a hurry usually. Then poke them a few times with a fork.



Cut out any bad parts. Hopefully yours will not have any.

I happen to have those neat little foil sheets, but if you don’t cut/rip foil into pieces large enough to cover your potatoes.


I use virgin Coconut oil, but any shortening, oil, or even bacon grease would work. You rub a lite coat on the potato skin, then wrap it in the foil.


Place the foil wrapped potatoes into your slow cooker. Mine were big enough they didn’t touch the bottom. However I still should have put something on the bottom of the slow cooker to act like a rack. I have used metal canning jar rings, or even some wadded up foil pieces. (More on why this is important below).


Set your slow cooker to low for 8 hours, and high for 4 hours.

Well, they are perfect! They were big so I only ate half of one. You can cook a steak on the grill, fix a salad, and dinner is done! Or make it the main dish. Top it with leftovers, or the traditional Baked Potato Bar Favorites. I forgot to take a photo after they came out while busy fixing dinner. Here they are later cooled. They are a little more yellow colored, but the flavor is great.



Here’s where having a programmable slow cooker would come in handy!

I have 3 slow cookers, in 3 sizes. None of mine are programmable or have temperature probes. Gee, that would be great for meats, or potatoes, but mine all work and if it’s not broke why replace it? Right? However with that said, all of mine cook at different temperatures, so low on one isn’t as low on another. I have one that even has a keep warm setting. You need to experiment to see what works best for you.

Now about that rack, or lack of. On certain foods like these potatoes. They will burn on the bottom if they touch the crock. That is why using the canning rings, or wadded up foil creates a barrier to the direct heat on the bottom. My potatoes were big and were wedged in so I didn’t put anything in to act as a rack. However, they did shrink and ended up slightly touching the bottom. It wasn’t too bad, but no one wants a burnt potato!



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