Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014!

I don’t think I have even been so glad to see a year go!

Goodbye 2013, and good riddance!

I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning. I know nothing magical will happen as the clock strikes midnight tonight. But as I set new goals, and make a list of things I want to see accomplished I hope it helps leaving 2013 behind!


It it certainly can’t hurt!

I was hoping this year would be different and things improved from the year before. It wasn’t any one thing I can say happened, just lots of little disappointments. I felt like my life was in limbo, I was hanging in thin air just waiting to live. No one died or no big tragedy happened. Really lots of little things happened that were good things. There just wasn’t that pivotal thing or event that makes you remember a year or event in your life. 2013 didn’t show me that, in a good way.

2014 you are a welcome new born, you have 365 days of a empty journal waiting for the pages to be written in. I love the sound you make, you are even numbered and round. I have big plans for you! Please don’t disappoint me!

I don’t plan on bringing you in with a bang, a quiet time in the darkness I will celebrate your coming. On your first day I will sing praises, greet you with a smile, and know you are there for me.

I hope to see you more in the new year,

Happy New Year!

Smiles and Hugs!


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