The flu and Writing Thank You Cards

Sorry I’ve been missing in action!

Well, I ended up with the flu. I’m calling it the fast and furious flu! I don’t know if it had a name but it hit hard and fast, and seemed furious!


I woke up one morning before Christmas with a fever and small cough. It developed that day and the fever grew, and so did the cough, so that I was in bed. Thankfully no stomach involvement happened! I don’t do well with that!

But still it knocked me on my bum for several days. I drank lots of water, and drank a hot liquid flu therapy a couple times a day. I managed to crawl out of bed for a piece of toast and a scrambled egg as not to starve. I didn’t manage to sleep pretty much 2 days of it which I think helped me recover quicker, as the old saying rest and fluids!

I still have a bit of the cough, but feeling better.


So there has always been some controversy it seems in my life about Thank You cards. I was raised it is better to give than to receive, and to write a thank you note to the giver.


I tried to raise my children this same way although they seem to have forgotten their instructions. Things have changed, in this world of instant messages, photos, and gratification I think the old standby of a handwritten Thank-you card may be considered an antiquity.


I do think the sender of a gift should be made aware that the gift did arrive in one piece and is appreciated! With that said in this day of modern communications, a simple Text, Instagram, email, would work. But what about your technological challenged grandparent? You have 2 options, that handwritten Thank you card, or a phone call.

Now I know some of those 80+ year olds won’t just settle for a call! they also expect a handwritten card on top of it! Well, I’m sorry the world no longer revolves around pen and ink, stamp and post office…..

Tis better to get some kind of connection than none at all. If you really want to know I guess you can call them? Lol

So with that said, you may not agree with my take on the traditional thank you card. That’s ok, There are bigger worries in the world than a Thank You card.



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