Some cleaning and a gorgeous sunset

So I hit the gym today did a slow paced pool routine. I thought I would tackle the garage but that is for another day. Instead I worked on year end paperwork and gathered stuff for tax time. Then cleaned up a box in the office and sorted and purged paperwork.

Not very glamorous, but felt good just the same. My little dog had a date with the vet late this afternoon, so off I took her to that. When I came out I was greeted with the most spectacular sunset I have seen in a long time! Of course I had to stop and snap a few photos!


This is one shows the reflection on the water.the details on the clouds is remarkable!


This one is a few minutes later at a different location. It’s now showing deep colors.


This shot is over the ocean, however you can’t see it very well with all that wonderful show happening above!

We have had below average rainfall, but it sure has made for some  beautiful sunrises and sunsets!

I do hope you are staying warm and dry where you live. Have you had any great sunsets lately?



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