Laying the Kitchen Floor

So because we are living in this mess at the same time as remodeling it is a challenge to say the least. Almost all the old is torn out now and the wall repaired and ready to paint.

“We” are laying the floor before we tear the last part of the cabinets containing the existing sink. First the “We” is me. Me and me alone. And second I know it seems odd to lay the new floor with part of the old cabinets still in use, but it will all work out. The part where the new floor isn’t being laid is under the cabinets so will never be seen. Using plywood to level it out, after the tear out will be cheaper in the long run.

As you remember we have that 1970’s vinyl as our base. Oh gee how could you forget.


So first thing first. Moved out the temporary island sweep and vacuum existing floor area. Also checked for any spots that protruded or stuck up which might cause the new flooring to have a bump in it. I choose an Armstrong snap together floor. It looks like travertine tile in a random pattern. (Sorry the exact name I can’t remember)

Starting with the underlayment it was rolled out and joined as was directed on the package. It covered the open area when the floor was to be laid. I have installed a good many laminate and snap together floors so figure this small area with these large pieces will not take very long to install, so I’m anxious to get started and finished this morning.


The green tape marks the island placement. The power supply is the wires coming out of the floor that will come up into the new island to power the outlets and the microwave outlet. You can see a piece of the flooring on the left hand side of the photo. And this corner is where we will be laying the first piece to start the pattern off with.

I opened all the boxes and there was 3 different patterns included. However one of the patterns I had a lot of, and one of them only 3 pieces. This made me wonder how this was going to work?

The first piece was laid and the end piece running into the old cabinet was cut and attached to the first long piece. As I laid out the next row to match the pieces or their grout lines, I ran into a problem. This wasn’t going to be easy at ALL! Once I found suitable pieces I just laid them there without attaching them and looked for the next row. This took the better part of the morning just trying to match the grout lines! I was in over my head!

Before I pulled my hair completely out I decided to call my next door neighbor. After all he is a professional floor layer! I felt awful calling him! After all I didn’t hire him to lay it. And who was I to ask him to look at it and help me? But as I was nearly in tears, I felt it was my only hope, so I dialed his phone number! Sure enough he was home and came over to look at my problem. I’m sure he heard the “I’m desperate and about to do damage” in my voice!  One look and he said  “Yeah, this stuff is awful to lay. It is suppose to look random, but isn’t. All I can say is you are really doing a good job, and you just have to keep doing what you are doing”

Well I thanked him and promised him home baked cookies, for his advise. And after he left I looked at the floor and calmly told it, “You will not beat me, I will win!” I took a little break then started back matching this odd pattern and putting it together.

once I got to the stove and fridge I slid them onto the new floor, laid the pad and continued to the back wall. I might add this floor didn’t want to stay together either, so it was an uphill battle the whole floor! Finally by 5:00 I had finished the last pieces, then pushed the appliances back to the wall.

It looks perfect, is a breeze to clean, doesn’t really show when it is dirty. But I would never have this floor again! The corner are very brittle and seem to break easy, it was awful to install.


Now that that is complete we can move on!



2 thoughts on “Laying the Kitchen Floor

  1. Yay for not letting that flooring beat you. 🙂 I swear that yellow vinyl is the exact flooring we had in my childhood home. I’m going to show your pic to my Mom and see if she remembers it.

  2. It probably is! It was either this Harvest Gold one or an Avocado Green pattern. If they were different it was just barely different! It is like a time capsule…….

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