New Year, and My Changes!

So I decided my word for the year is change! It seem like the past year things just seemed to float by, and nothing got accomplished. I had a few health battles, but I’m determined this year to recover as much as possible, and get stuff done. I’m tired of clutter, and things half finished. I want to feel the liberation of stuff done, gone and out of here!


With that said, I started back to the gym. I go early in the morning, it is quiet and I have the small pool to myself so far. I can do low impact, and meditate while I work out. Perfect!


Everyday I try to tackle something. yesterday was paperwork. I gathered tax stuff for the accountant, and went through a large box of papers!


Today I started on the garage. Oh Dear. It is overwhelming. When you remodel a big piece of your house it becomes the dumping ground for purchased supplies, leftover supplies, and torn out parts that you deem to good for the dump! Ok remember change!

I usually forget the before photos. Today I snapped a few! Are you ready to be totally overwhelmed too?

This is the side door looking towards the garage door.

This is the side door looking towards the garage door.

This is where the car should be parked!

Dumping ground inside door. You can see a small path if you look real hard!

Dumping ground inside door. You can see a small path if you look real hard!

You know the spot, it’s easier to drop it hear than to put it away?

I cleaned this spot in less than 15 minutes!


So the beast of a lawn mower will have it own shed real soon! That will open a large area on its own.


Ok just more of the same. Most of this goes. I started a pile for the thrift store. It’s funny you have to clear it out just to be able to get to more of it to sort it to get rid of it. I would love to call the “take away” truck, or get a dumper too. I could make short order of this real quick!

So I’m feeling pretty good about getting rid of stuff. Can’t wait to take the first load off. Then sell some of the other stuff and begin another pile for donation.

I will keep you posted of the progress of my cleaning liberation! How about you, does the New Year make you want to clean, and recycle?



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