Kitchen Walls

So before we can move forward on installing the new custom cabinets, work on the existing walls needed to be done. Yeah another step in the right direction!


So after the carpenter Frank installed a false wall to hide the wires I didn’t want to pay to have moved, there was the job of reworking and adding to the soffit, make the new angle the corner, and extend the end.


This was all a compromise on my part as I did not want a soffit at all. I wanted it all ripped out, finished off the ceiling, and the tops of the cabinets exposed for display. But I’m keeping the cost pretty low on this kitchen, I know it may not seem so with my sink choice or custom cabinets. But truth be told the sink was a splurge. But my cabinet maker gave me a screaming good deal, and I could not have bought the right sized cabinets for this kitchen anyway.

Examples of some of the cabinets I looked at that were pre-made. I like the one in the center with the bead board inserts.

Examples of some of the cabinets I looked at that were pre-made. I like the one in the center with the bead board inserts.

And this kitchen is very small when you consider the cabinet area. Plus I built the island and the pantry is in the adjoining room. (It is being re-done) So it was a no brainer!


Here the uppers are removed, the soffit extended and reworked. All ready for texture so it matches the existing work in the house.


Now once this dried I got busy painting it all. The whole great room was to be painted. This corner is the kitchen, to the left is the dining area, and I’m standing in the living area.

I went to Lowes, and for the first time in my interior design life, choose 3 paint colors all from the same paint chip card! I must say I’m not sure if I was just tired, or it just worked that day. I Chose Valspar  Signature. Card 3008-10. It has the 3 tones on the one card ranges from a darker tone, midtone, and then the lightest.

This is the beat up paint chip card I carry in my purse, so when I need to match or mix paint I have it with me.

This is the beat up paint chip card I carry in my purse, so when I need to match or mix paint I have it with me.

I had painted the interior of the house after we moved in. The big feature wall was a darker beige color, and the other 3 walls were a soft cream color. At that point anything was good. The walls were all a pink color, and the kitchen cabinets were 2 toned. The bottom plum, and the uppers lavender!

The thing I learned first about painting when living near the ocean, is color changes color. The color you pick out, and paint color you end up with may not necessarily be what you had envisioned after it is applied. And certainly not during certain times of day. Something magical happens when you paint near the ocean, I can’t explain it, but I have encountered it several times, and have discussed this with others who have encountered this very phenomenon.

I must say when I started on the feature wall, I was prepared to paint at least 2 coats. I had washed the walls from the mishap with the smoke and soot with a TSP solution and a special sponge, but there were still streaks and discoloration to deal with.


This color went right over the darker color not only easily, but covered in one coat! I wasn’t sure until it dried, but sure enough! WOW! I’ve used a lot of paint over the years, and still have various cans and brands around that I will refer to on this blog, but none of them will get glowing remarks from me as this will! It will be my go-to paint from now on, and I’m not getting paid to say that either. Oh by the way, I would love to get paid to say that! I will never, ever say that I like a product unless I truely believe in it!


Here is the feature wall. It is a Historic Preservation color and the darkest color.

The other 3 walls in this great room consist of one wall with a large window, and the other two wall are chopped up with doorways, and the kitchen area. They needed to be lighter in color so the middle color on the card seemed to work real well with the overall theme.


Im not sure about you, but I always thought my dream job would be part of the group that picks names for paint colors. I’m sure it is an awful job if you think about it. How many names can you come up with for beige, or white?

Speaking of white, I had always used Dutch Boy Sweetened White for all my trim in a Semi-gloss. But as you can guess not anymore. Which leads me to the cabinet color I chose.

It needed to be whitish, but not all in your face screaming, blinding white. That’s where the third color comes in from the paint chip card.


As you can see, it really isn’t white at all, but remember the magic that happens with paint. When you open this gallon of paint it looks white. Just not the glaring, awful in your face white I didn’t want. This can was used for the soffit, and then delivered to the cabinet maker. The great thing about this color is it has replaced my Sweetened White as my go to trim color.

Its coming along, I’m excited about the next step. The lower cabinets will be torn out, prep work done then the installation of the new cabinets. Oh and that large farm house sink!

This I’m sure will be the hardest part, and the most trying part of a renovation. Pretty much several days without a functioning kitchen.



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