A Chicken Coop

So I do have a New Year word it is “Change” and you can read about it in this post.

I am also in the process of making a list of those changes. I do know one of them is to complete this chicken coop! It has been under construction for the better part of 3 years! I’m placing it on the list again in hopes it will finally make it to the completed list this year.

I grew up with Chickens. I had Chickens when my kids grew up. I think I even have photo of the kids with chicks watching TV, in pet parades, and helping with the gardening.

When we bought this house and started to remodel it, and retake the over grown landscape I knew I wanted to have Chickens again. It started with the oldest son giving me some sides to a rather large crate that a piece of equipment had arrived at his work in. I managed to get one side pried apart and the boards off of the timber parts. It was a stubborn job. So I decided I would just use the pieces as the floor of the coop, and porch of the coop.

From here I framed the coop. I think it went through one winter with a floor and framed sides!


The next year it got it roof framed and galvanized metal roof on the coop and the porch. It also had its great old window installed and salvaged door.


Then when I was away one long weekend I came home to it having plywood On its sides. It also had a welcome chicken sign on the door!


This of course is still far from being finished. It isn’t varmint proofed, and doesn’t have its Chicken door put in yet, pen built or the interior done. Β One day my “helper” had the idea of using some hand split cedar shakes to cover the front Β  and side. So one day Β I came home to this.


My little “Cottage” Chicken Coop looks a bit more like a “Miners” Coop now, but that’s ok it is cute too! This is pretty much where it has stopped. Other projects have moved up the list, and once again the Coop, with the chickens has been bumped down.


I did get it cleaned up since this shot. And now it gets put once again on the todo/finish list 2014!







5 thoughts on “A Chicken Coop

    • I think it could easily be a potting shed. You will have to check back for the next post on it. Hopefully we will get a nice spring to finish it up. I have some cute plans and Pickins’ for the porch and interior.

    • Thank you! I will have to post photos of the chicken parade and TV watching, when I post the Coop again. I will put on the feature button. Thanks again for such a great blog. I just love your chickens and knowledge.

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