Design Job and a Road Trip

Ok a quick post. I know I’ve been absent as of late. Kitchen posts are coming.

I promise.

So one of my building girlfriends came for the weekend to help me! I had a ton of projects that were falling behind. Not just furniture, and remodel projects. This darn Frozen shoulder is coming along. Going to the pool seems to be helping in a big way. Sorry back to my girlfriend.

Well, the shed is almost done! Yippee. We recycled some siding to enclose it, used a recycled window also it in! Then got the mover and other stuff temporarily stored in there for now.

I love using all the materials that I have stored here! We did 2 projects and didn’t buy one thing! I’m feeling pretty clever right now that my hoarding recycling has paid off now.

We worked on the inside of the Chicken coop too. Did some weather/ varmit proofing.

We also had picnics on the back deck in the warm sunny weather. Seriously the end of January and we had better weather than we get in the Summer or Fall! Built a fire and cleaned up some yard clipping, and scrap wood. We also sat around after dark and drank some wine! Gee I felt like I was on vacation!


This is Mr. Nostalgia with some onlookers while he eats his chicken. Hard to eat Chicken when you have 3 little fur babies looking at you!

Yesterday we went to my good friend Franks house. I sold my table saw and he graciously offer me use of his when needed. So my girlfriend and I loaded our Table saw projects and headed over.


Here is the two of them working on the planer.

So today we head off on a road trip. I’m hitching a ride to the big city to pick up a car, and do a design job.

So I have lots to share coming up. If your interested you can check out my Instagram, or Facebook.



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