Re-design of a Mid Century Bathroom

imageSo this is a design job for a Mid Century Bathroom. 1968 to be exact. This young couple just bought their first home and are faced with the main bathroom stuck back in the past. Not only components of the 60’s but some upgrades from the early 90’s as well. They want to honor the design but need a second shower to make this functional.


For some odd reason there is a niche and cupboard above the tub that you can only use if you are standing in the tub. Everything seems solid, but we need to gut the shower to make it ready for the new tile around the tub and install plumbing to create the shower head.

It has been a process to help them decide on the choices of materials for this update. They needed to pick out tile for shower surround, floor tile, new vanity, paint, counter and sink, lighting and faucets. As with any young couple they want  it to look like a dream photo they have found but with the budget, cannot have the amount or certain materials that they want. It is all about compromise.

I put together some samples after talking with them about their likes and colors. What I got from them was dark cabinet, mosaic tile behind a free-standing or stand alone vanity.  Nickel or pewter colored fixtures, tub to ceiling tile with inset of mosaic tile, dark wood look ceramic floor. Paint that could match all the existing house that the interior has recently been painted. And possibly tiled wainscoting. All this on a rather small budget for materials and labor.

Tub surround, subway which was requested. In almond not white.

Tub surround, subway which was requested. In almond not white.

Mosaic, subway and floor tile in wood look.

Mosaic, subway and floor tile in wood look.

Vanity request, with open shelves for baskets.

Vanity request, with open shelves for baskets.



After presenting them with photos, samples and cost or materials and labor. Changes happened to get closer to budget and what they really wanted. I eliminated the ceiling lights and wainscoting right off, knowing that the budget wouldn’t support that.

It was decided to eliminate the entire wall being mosaic tile behind the vanity, changed the subway tile surround to a smaller connected tile at a greatly reduced price but still achieve the desired look. Add a larger vanity when presented with photos of one. Also add a feature wall behind vanity with a different paint color, and additionally may add some mosaics above vanity when it gets closer to the finish.

The toilet is newer so it will be reset. Also the client will do the shower demo himself which has begun.

It is fun to see them shopping for materials and changing their minds after seeing different materials when we went to purchase the components.

updates will be coming…….



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