Mid Century Bath Demo

This is the second post on this design job for this Mid Century Bathroom design. You can read about it in this post.

So almost all the new components are purchased and on site. Demo has begun on the shower area.


It was fairly easily to start the tile removal on the sides of the shower. We didn’t want any serious damage to the dry way in this area.


Here the tiles are all removed. No rot of water damage at all.


Now we are going strong. All the drywall is removed around tub to the studs. So the cement “Hardibacker” pieces can be installed. When tearing out the niche and cabinet it opened up this area behind the tub. This will be sealed off for now, and the next big project will be the second bathroom. This space will be opened on the other side to enlarge the space in a new tiled shower.


We did however find some old damage to the subfloor around the toilet. It wasn’t  really bad but had warped the particle board. The homeowner opted to rip it out and replace it. It will have more Hardibacker installed for the new tile floor. There is also a hole where the toilet paper dispenser had been mounted into the wall. This will need patching.


This is area will need drywall repair where the old backsplash was installed, the walled cleaned, primed, and painted.

The young homeowner are excited to work on part of this project. They kept the accent tiles from inside the shower. There were just 4 total.

imageThey will turn them into coasters for the house. This will be a fun way to remember their first house remodel.


This is project should move pretty fast. I hope you don’t mind the detailed updates……..



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