Snow Bound and Mid Century Update

So when I came up here to Portland for this design job I had a few other reasons to visit. First of course was the bathroom design, also to see family and friends, do a little thrifting, and salvage. Pick up a gently used new to me car. And to celebrate my Birthday. I’ve done a little of all those things, but would have done more if I hadn’t got caught in a snow and ice storm! So the bathroom design was a several day process working with the clients.


A day with a good friend doing some salvage.


I found some great pieces for a couple of projects.


Drove a new car.


Made progress on the bathroom remodel.


Had a wonderful Birthday dinner.


With family and friends!


Tried to get places during a terrible storm for supplies during some crazy weather!


Unable to drive due the weather. Have to depend on a SUV ride. But enjoying the peaceful snowfall and beauty too.


So wonderful at dusk the sight of the new fallen snow. However I’m ready for our rain to return. And to be able to drive again!




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