Mid Century Bath #5

Well sorry it has taken me soooo long to get these posts out. Once the storm broke I was able to make a flying trip home. Had several problems going on which needed my full attention.

Taxes, family in the hospital, responses to advertisements, and the list goes on. Everything has settled down some now, but I’m sure as with life I’ll be converged upon in the near future with more items that a need my immediate attention. plus a few big changes in the future too.

So the bathroom is almost complete. I must say it turned out wonderful.

Here’s a little comparison.




After, the mirror is just temporary in its placement. They will be going for a larger horizontal one with a wood frame.


Another after


Before of the awkward tub niche.


This is is after the grout but before new shower hardware is installed. The photo does not do this area justice. These are an Almond 2X4 subway tile. This area isn’t finished yet, but hoping you can get an idea of the transformation. It is a big change in the before so and afters. They seem to love the way it turned out. The next time I’m up there I will shoot the finished photos to share.



2 thoughts on “Mid Century Bath #5

  1. Looking good, Kathy. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. We remodeled a bathroom last year and did the white subway tiles with white grout. I still love love love it but it is a pain to keep white. I refuse to let it get dingy so I’m constantly in there scrubbing it down. Those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work really well on grout. I get the extra strength one and use it with a little powdered Oxy Clean (just to give a little abrasiveness when scrubbing) and go over the grout (and tile but esp the grout) every couple weeks.

    • The owners decided to use a new kind of grout. It has the sealer and anti mold blockers built into it. I can’t remember the name, but it is expensive. It is premixed and comes in a lot of different colors. A bit different to use as you cannot let it haze on the tile. I’m anxious to see how it holds up, and works for them. I think you are right regular cleaning is the way to go, an ounce of prevention.

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