New Base Cabinets Finally!

(Sorry this post was delayed.  So many things have happened and seems it was hard to keep up with it all.)

Well it finally time to make some much needed progress. Living over a week without a kitchen sink or dishwasher was awful!

The plywood was put on top of the base cabinets by the cabinet maker. Then it was my turn to make magic happen. It was a hard choice, I knew it was white subway tile, with black counters. I went through all the options of Soap stone, but that bid was more than almost all the kitchen. Then solid black honed granite, well that was pretty much over the budget too…..What’s a girl to do?


Never fear and as a budget designer I knew I could find a solution. First my cabinet maker had an idea for an industrial grade Formica counter. He even ordered a sample and mocked up a sample. Of course for the life of me I can’t find the photo! It is a solid color thru product used in labs. It was matte black and if it chipped or got cut it was black completely inside so it would never show. Sounds appealing. But not sure a big plus for a buyer who might not be as welcoming to a new custom kitchen with Formica counters.

(You can read about it here)

Along came granite tiles with a rounded edge already applied. These are called Lazy Granite and are 12×12 tiles and you could order any configuration to cover your countertop and it would have an edge already on it. However this kitchen has so many corners and edges that it made this product more expensive than it should have been.


Seriously it shouldn’t be this hard! So with a little investigation and clever frugal mind I came up with a solution!


Black granite tile with a black ceramic edge. Wait, give it a look before you judge it. It was budget friendly, fit with the vintage look of the overall kitchen theme and was a DIY project I could do myself, which meant further savings.


The ceramic edges were installed upside down, for lack of a better description. They went around the edges, with the granite as the filler. Black grout used to make a flawless finish and voila the perfect Vintage counter was born.


The backsplash was traditional white subway tile with a black accent line of vintage goodness.



We we used the top of the bed posts as legs on the base cabinets. Also some quarter round.



And you you remember the sink base legs from the footboard of the bed.


It is so nice to have the cabinets in. Now for the uppers!




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