The Quilted Chair

Sorry I’ve gone missing in action. With spring here the increased amount of work took over my life. I hope to have more fun stuff to share soon!

So I bought this stinky, ugly, dirty chair at Goodwill. I think the clerk thought I was crazy. I asked her to hold it for me while I shopped around some more.

the look on her face was interesting to say the least.


Can you see the dirt? It was nasty. It was also solid, and had gone bones.

So, she came home with me.

image image

Needless to say she lived in the garage until I had time to devote to her!

Then one day while on hold for a phone call for 1 hour 18 minutes, I started to rip her apart. I started with the trim, then disassembled her in the order she was put together.


So off came the dust cover. Everything looks solid in the spring department. I also sanded the wood. It is that red Mohogany that is awful to paint strip and cover.


Trying to to get it apart with ripping it up to bad.


The structure is in good shape. The batting is pretty nasty, so it will need replaced.


Here it is with the new cotton. I reused the horsehair and woven seat insert. I sanded, painted with a primer to block the red, then painted with a mix of milk paint layered in colors.

I got her all stripped, cleaned, and painted. The all new batting, and padding. I had several things in my upholstery stash. There was one piece that really seemed to work for this chair. It was an older quilt the had a huge hole in it. Perfect. A “cutter” quilt.

So I got started cutting out and matching up the pattern in the quilt, all the time working around a couple of holes.


This shows just how dirty and nasty this chair was!


So after cutting then a covered the chair in it’s new clothes.

She turned out pretty cute!




Her backside is awesome too!


She is for sale. And I will post where she will be located soon.

Thanks for checking in,



2 thoughts on “The Quilted Chair

    • Every piece is different. I’m enjoying the challenge that each one gives me. I even thought of having a new line called the ugly chair girl!

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