Back Yard in Bloom

What can I say?

I have been MIA for weeks now. I have been a busy girl, between yard work on the nice days and finishing the interior of the house, working on furniture projects and tending to problems that have sprouted.

Im sorry, but I promise you will be getting some great visuals real soon!

Ok, so here is the back yard a couple of weeks ago!


The herbs are blooming


More color


More things growing, plus a couple of lazy dogs sunbathing.


My Queen Elizabeth roses bloomed out already. They are a very hardy rose. Most people cannot grow roses here, but these beauties are do just fine.



Bumper crop of blueberries this year!

I guess I didn’t get any photos in this batch of all the wild Rhododendrons. They border our back yard and we have 3 giant ones as part of the landscape.

Stay tuned for round 2 of recycled part of the yard.

How is your blooms coming along?



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