The Display Cabinet

This display cabinet top part came, but it just never had the perfect base. Well finally this spring at an Estate sale I found the piece I thought would work. I have stored in my phone the detentions of what I needed to fit this odd sized curved glass piece. 

Here is the piece as it was found. It was rough but had good bones. It was stained, dinged, and scratched, however I could see the potential!  

You can’t see the top in this one but you get the idea of the color and condition. Plus it was just the right dementions! It sat in the garage until a few weeks back when I decided to sand that top down and see what was really lying underneath.

I then sanded more and applied some expresso stain. This brought out the grain and gave it nice color not that red mahogany. I even discovered it’s label…nice to know it was triple inspected!

Then the painting began. After a couple of coats, some sanding and using PolyAcrylic on the top it is starting to show its new look.

I then did some mild distressing to match what I had done on the display cabinet. Plus 3 coats of sealer on the top.

I cleaned and reused the original hardware. They were complete and worked well with the design. After curing and being moved into place, the display cabinet was set in place and is a perfect match. Looks like they were make for each other and a custom piece. Plus look at all that storage under there!

The distressing looks white however it is a great color of wood showing through.


So it looks like an upper end piece. I’m lovin how it turned out. Now onto the next project…

Until then,


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