The Rose Chair

It just dawned on me a few days ago I never shared the story of this chair. Where does the time go? After a full weekend of Pickin with a fellow pickin lovin girlfriend and associate it made me think of the time I found this chair at a local thrift store. It was actually outside behind the store with a sticker that said “stinky chair $5” well that didn’t scare me and neither did the looks of it. Gold velvet with an embossed crest on the seat back. 

It was sturdy, and truthfully I have worked with “stinkier” (is that even a word?) chairs than this one in the past! So first I started stripping the upholstery off and removed the cushion for a complete redo. 

Sorry about the awful photo! Moose antlers and all the junk. Here it was stripped done to her bones and some small repair done and starting to pull her back together. 

A little hint of fabrics choices. 


Now she is coming together. Milk painted with “Suitcase”from Sweet Pickins milk paint line. Then distressed and waxed. We all love painting all those spools by hand.❤️ Yes I know I have strip of chair back web in the seat, I ran short and couldn’t wait to more or the black stripped.

I replaced all the batting, webbing, and burlap with new and started by using new muslin as the base upholstery. 
From here started on the seat with covering it in the European grain sack with a beige stripe.

Then the seat back received the same fabric. But to change it up I used a deep red Waverly rose print for the back of the chair. The same fabric I used for the double welt I made to match. 

The new foam was cut and the cushion was made. This was enclosed in a cushion cover using the same grain sack fabric with the Waverly Rose for the piping.

The finished chair is a perfect flip. And so comfortable to sit in too.

Love the spools and spindles.

I’m afraid she is a keeper…
Here’s to the love of salvaged chairs,



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