1933 Dresser

So my favorite time period is the 20’s and 30’s. I love the clothes, cars, colors, patterns, food, music, and furniture. Because of this love of these eras I collect vintage accessories for my home and gravitate towards jadeite green color, cabbage roses, kitchen equipment with that vibe to it. So it is no wonder when I spotted this dresser and night stand. You can see the night stand here on the left sitting on the table. Missing it’s side and seen better days. It was purchased for the sum of $2 at a yard sale. Kept in my work pile for a long while.


The dresser was in better shape. I picked up in a cute local shop. This is the photo I shot while it was in the shop. I’m terrible about before shots.


Finally the plan and work time came together to get these painted. I knew I wanted to use milk paint and hoped I would get a little chippiness in the process. The tops were sanded down on both and they were cleaned and repaired as needed. Then I mixed up my milk paint from Sweet Pickins in creamy. I started with one coat and needed up with three coats total. I started getting some of that chippy going on after the second coat and even more with the third coat. Swoon….so perfect. From here I used Sweet Pickins in “Flour Sack” which is a gorgeous true warm white.


Oh look at that chipping and colors. I preserved the original Birdseye stenciled piece for the center as a tribute to it origins.


I used some great floral napkins for the application on the drawer sides. At first I used Mod Podge, but it was think and the napkins didn’t want to move and tore. I then used Top Coat. It’s Sweet Pickins to the rescue again. This product went on smooth and worked perfect. I also used Top Coat for applying in the the drawer front on the night stand.


Oh those cute wooden wheels! The dresser was missing hers but I happened to have a spare set and worked perfectly.

Both piece were waxed with clear Bees wax and the dusted with aging dust. The top was stained with Minwax Jacobean and sealed with 4 coats of polyacrylic. I guess you have figured they are moved in with me instead of being sent along to a new home.


Now to find a vanity piece to go along with these.

Until next time,


I was not endorsed or compensated for any of these supplies. I purchased, used and liked the products on these pieces and would honestly recommend them to anyone.

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